ProfitMax Chemical Website Launched!

By Drive Simplicity Team

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We are excited to announce the launch of the new and improved ProfitMax Chemical website!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with ProfitMax Chemical and know that their website will soon become one of their most valuable tools - second to the amazing people that work there!

WordPress Beginnings

ProfitMax had a WordPress website when we first started consulting with them.

The site had a lot of great content, but really needed a custom design to better organize the services that they provided.

Craft CMS + Custom Design

An amazing custom design with a very modern feel now allows their site and business to really shine!

Craft CMS made setting up the website downright fun! Some of the more advanced functionality that the site required included:

*Modern Menu that can be customized within Craft CMS
*A featured slideshow on the home page
*The ability to filter products by 3 main categories and several sub-categories
*Request Quote forms on each product page
*Images and videos displayed for products.
*Linking testimonials to multiple products
*Tabbed content
*Responsive Design

...and much more!


We usually recommend that our customers use their own personal imagery on their websites. This is just another way to separate yourself from everyone else while giving your customers a more genuine idea of who you are!

However, ProfitMax Chemical is a worldwide company! (Not to mention, we were also working on this website during the winter - in west Texas - which doesn't afford for great agricultural photographs.)

Anyways, we recommended they look into services like iStock which provide amazing professional photography that you can purchase for web / print usage. ProfitMax really ran with this suggestion, finding incredible images that really gave that extra boost to solidify the professional look and feel of the website!

Fist bump!

We're pretty excited about this website and what this customer has to offer! We would love to get your feedback!

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