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By Robert Blasingame

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This morning as I was reading through my Twitter feed I came across a statement from a friend named Casey Graham. His statement was something like:

"Growth doesn't impress me, Health does."

Such a simple statement, with such extreme reality.

I have worked for companies that were growing so fast, but struggling to make payroll. On the other hand, I've worked with companies that were growing just as fast but instead of struggling to make payroll, they were hoarding cash for their next acquisition.

Research suggests that one of the biggest causes of a business closing its doors is unhealthy growth. So often when a business experiences extreme growth they begin to hire billions of people, spend extraordinarily, and worst of all they forget the most important piece of the puzzle: Their Customers.

Healthy businesses stick to their foundations of customer service, efficiency, and quality even when business grows like crazy. They invest in the tools to adapt to growth without being reactionary. They create processes that create a great workflow. These qualities allow Healthy companies to almost always outperform companies that grow at all costs.

Where does your company fit? What tools or processes are you utilizing to manage the growth you are seeing?

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